These are all USED JOCK STRAPS. Discarded or found, traded or borrowed


...all are beautiful, ripe, and ready for more action.

FREE SHIPPING within the Canada and USA . Sent discreetly !

Everywhere else in the world the postage is $7.00 (US) extra for FIRST Jock strap...then $3.00 each additional jock. Sorry guys overseas - expensive to post packages.

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Snatch some up for yourself...strap it on or sit back, savour, and enjoy !

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used Protex Jock strap from Canada Rare Find - Protex Used Jock Strap


VERY SNIFFABLE - a Jogger's Jock Strap (used at the gym more though), has not seen water in avery long time. RARE Brand. "PROTEX"

Vintage 90's ??

From Canada - beautiful fit ! Really !


SMALL (30-32)







used baseball jock strap used baseball jock strap for sale

Well-used Baseball jock strap - with Cup Pouch. Stained pouch - from use of more than on the field...just sayin' !Perfect condition for even more use...anywhere.





old Duke Jock strap for sale high school missued Duke Jock Strap




RARE FIND - stanard High school issue back in the 70's and 80's. Amazing fit to the pouch - lifts and protects from...dangling I guess.

Great support - on and off the gym floor. These are the ones you saw under short shorts of the era - the ass-straps peaking out thropugh the wide leg openings. HOT !




used jock British Jock strap used for sale


Lovely Jock - Rare Brand from England (i think).

Perfect for the large men out there - Generous pouch - lucky guy who needs it. If you get this one - Send me pictures. Truly a Great find !


LARGE (size tag missing)




International Male Jock Strap



Nice one ! Vintage 80's International Male Jock Strap - the All-american Men's lingerie magazine and mail-order catalogue that even straighht guys used to love to look at !

Look at the Sexy shiny Pouch and thin ass-straps. Fun tho wear - great comfort too.





used jockstrap used Bike Jock Strap


Getting really low on these. You know you love these - even can be worn in a straight gym. Grab it now - I did !- now your turn to enjoy wearing and showing off in it.





jock strap for sale vintage duke jock strap for sale



Rare find as well - old highschool or college DUKE Brand jock strap - standard issue years ago. Thank you Coach ! Love them .





used jock used rips thong jock strap



Another from my swim collection - worn lots under competition tights. Holds my parts up and tight and protects from water impact on dives.

Great rounded bulge also helps in the sauna afterwards...wear it in the gymn too great fit !





used jock used McDavid Jock strap for sale



Useful only as a cum rag really - been there, done that. Room for more. You coiuld actually wear this more but it would ride high on youyr waist so the pouch supports your balls properly - very doable - I've seen similar in the gym. Some guys just hang on to thier jocks long past its prime.





used jock used McDavid jock for sale



Pouch for the cup has been cut out so you can wear it like a regular gym jock strap. Very nice breathable pouch fabric that wicks the sweat away from your balls and dick. And you'll smell that it worked just fine -Nice !




used mens underwear for sale used mens gym compression shorts for sale


Champion Compression shorts - Smells like a locker or gym bag - Nice ! Great fit - smooth under shorts - Holds everything in place - but can be worn with a Jock strap too. That is the way I wore it...because I am a Jockoholic first and foremost !


SMALL (28-30)




So Comfy - Love the bulky pouch area - looks amazing on - loose. It is a Large but I love to wear these at night - room for expansion as needed. Really meant for someone with a waist around 34-36 or so. Perfectly Used as you can see.

Mmmmm Mmmmmm !




used mens sheer underwear for sale used sheer mens underwear jock strap


"After Dark" brand Sheer Underwear with straps to enhance your crotch and your ass crack.

The Most fun Underwear - looks and feels like a JOCK STRAP / UNDERWEAR Combo - Very Unique. You'll love these for sure !





used mens underwear used Underv Armour


Lovely Used Under Armour Compressio Shorts. Nice condition - check the crotch area for most wear. Still Lots of life left in these shorts. From a Very Hot Young Guy at my Gym - thank you stud !





used PUMA compression shorts for sale used PUMA



Used PUMA Compression Shorts - Still damp and warm when I acquired them. Lots of use - but still loits of life left in them. Only Pair I have ever seen at my gym - from a truly Hot young (straight) guy - left them on the hook afer showering.







Very Nice Calvin's - great fit and style. In as-found condition - expertly preserved for your future enjoyment. Yum ! Just feel them - soft and supportive. Great look - generous Pouch for comfort and style.










last updated: April 1 2014 - More stuff - Thank You Guys- Enjoy !