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This Site is Devoted to Worshippers of the Bulge.

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Jock Straps in Print Advertising over the decades

Vintage: What to do with a Drunken Sailor (Coming Soon)

Photo Montage - Sniff this ! (says it all)

Jock Straps in the Movies

Vintage Muscle Men (Gallery)

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Modesty Pouch 1950'sThe Posing Pouch

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Hey guys - want to get your hands on some new or used Jock Straps ?

Here's some. Take a peek inside the Jockswap

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"Jockoholic" pronunciation: ( jok-o-hol-ick )

1. (noun) An eager and energetic athlete, male or female, who enjoys playing and watching many types of sports. (alt.) A wannabee or has-been who spends countless hours a week watching sports of every type on television. Often with bags of potato chips and a beer in hand, this form of jockoholic is popularly referred to as a "couch Potato".

2. (slang) Usually a grown male with a compelling and/or compulsive urge to wear, collect, see, sniff, touch, grab, swap, sell, steal or borrow used and new jock straps. Such a practice may be considered a hobby or even a "fetish". Research shows that not all jockoholics are Gay (but it certainly helps in the explaining the enjoyment achieved through the procurement of these articles of intimate clothing from other guys).

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Dear Joey...


In the decades which have passed since these true events happened, many aspects of life have changed.  Hopefully, for the better, since gays and lesbians enjoy more freedom today to express their romance and sexuality outwardly and with fewer occasions for discrimination.  We all hope that one day, all discrimination will be eliminated.  As many of you know, 30 years ago, such freedom was yet to be manifested, and many of us chose nooks and crannies out of the public eye where we could engage in expressions of sexuality.

For many of us, the nooks and crannies were located in the locker rooms at our schools and colleges and local YMCA.  At the time, rows of high lockers, with metal doors and creaking hinges, and cavernous shower areas with multi-head spigots permitted many of us an opportunity to catch a glimpse and even act upon a wink. (click to continue reading)


CATCH A JOCK STRAP THIEF: Sent in from the "Strapped Wrangler":

This story goes back to the late 1970’s when every man owned one or more jockstraps, and every man wore them to the gym.  There were many bands of jockstraps sold in every town.  We all knew that we looked even more manly in a jockstrap than naked, and there were always some guys that paraded around in just their jockstraps so everyone could see them. 

For some reason it was not unusual to find that some guy had left his sweaty jockstrap behind on the bench when he went home.  I never understood this.  It was also know that guys had been caught sniffing someone else’s jock when they thought that no one was looking. (click to continue reading...)


Another True Story:

I Found a Hot Sweaty Jock at the Gym and took it. (click to continue reading...)


Special request: Dear Joey - can you help ?

I'm Looking for a Jock Strapped Playmate !

Long Island NY jock Looking for a jockstrapped athlete for worship. Preference for soccer or baseball players. Strip to our jockstraps and socks for some man to man play. Lacrosse, football and wrestlers also welcome.
Email me to discuss:

Check back often.We'll show you it all ! men dropping thier boxer shorts

The Jock Strap Galleries

1 (more coming soon)

vintage jocks

Sebastiane Movie (free)


I couldn't agree more !! Read on...

There is nothing more heart pounding, totally exciting and thrilling than the experience of taking anothers jockstrap, especially sweat-soaked! To smell anothers pheramones mixed in a musky, sweaty, wet, jock and then to encase this around your member to be internally absorbed has got to be the ultimate HOT experience!!! I’ll write you about the Swim Team experience, the Gym experience and the Collection I have from dozens of young, smooth, sweet young men who were glad to leave me their used jocks afterwards! More articles.

This is one of my all-time favorite Porn Clips - memories !

Just love the 80's nylon shorts and jock strap - HOT !


Please email me Your Story - true or Fiction - I will add it to my site for others to read and enjoy !

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Are you a Jockoholic ?

You're wondering? Okay, so you have a few Jock straps in your top drawer. Does that make you a Jockoholic ? No. What if you get a little tingling in the lower regions when you put on a Jock. Could be a circulation issue. And, just because you couldn't take your eyes off the guy in the locker room getting undressed after you noticed that he was wearing a jock strap under his thin nylon shorts...doesn't make you a Jockoholic. To be a true Jockoholic you really have to desire the look and feel and the euphoricic rush at the sight of another guy wearing a Jock strap or wearing one yourself...or both ! Enjoying sniffing and touching it, and getting a woody, generally confirms it. You are a Jockoholic...and this site is for you.

More you should know...

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