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Mountain man

Fifty-one years ago. Herman James, a North Carolina mountain man, was drafted by the Army.

On his first day in basic training, the Army issued him a comb. That afternoon the Army barber sheared off all his hair.

On his second day, the Army issued Herman a toothbrush. That afternoon the Army dentist yanked seven of his teeth.

On the third day, the Army issued him a jock strap.

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The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.

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How to Wear a Jock Strap


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The most common way to wear a jock strap is to put it on directly over the bare penis and scrotum (or over briefs or boxers for the shy guys).

Outer garments such as sports equipment usually hide the fact that one is wearing a jock strap underneath (except tight white football pants - and even more so when they are wet). Often a jock strap is worn under a pair of gym shorts, track pants, football and baseball uniforms, compression shorts or a wrestling singlet or even a swim suit in order to hold and protect "the boys". Thicker and tighter garments may position the jock well into place with limited movement. Loose clothing worn over top may tend to hide the distinctive outline of the ass-straps of the athletic supporter...but why not show off the sexy straps and wear tigher clothes? Jockoholics of all types would appreciate it. Afterall, we are subjected to bra straps on women all the time.

Now, for greater protection from unavoidable outside blunt forces to the groin area a plastic or metal "cup" can be inserted inside the jock pouch. Generally jock straps stretch enough to allow for easy insertion. For the fashion-conscious and for the less-endowed among us (and we know who we are don't we?) many jock straps have a built-in pocket to hold the cup. This added cup protector can serve double duty for after the game. Wearing it off-the-field can make for an impressive bulge in the front of one's dress pants or jeans in social gatherings. A variation would be to stuff the jock pocket with tissues or a sock to act as soft padding, an enhancement of sorts. Here softness is the key if one hopes to avoid possible embarrassment in the case of an unwanted or unfortunate closer inspection by someone other than the wearer.

Now back to basics. The cup goes in front and the legs go through the waistband and then through the leg straps (except if one is inclined to wear the jock on one's face (as a prank perhaps?). Pull the jock strap up and adjust for comfort. From this point on the choice is yours as to the positioning of your penis and testicles. A public display of any required adjustment or a realigning of the jock strap and its contents is perfectly acceptable in the men's change room. In fact one need not disrupt his conversation with fellow gym-mates while fondling himself at this time (as long as the point is to achieve greater comfort).

Jock strap wearers, when choosing jock strap styles and shapes, must pay special attention to their own natural tendencies as far as the anatomy is concerned. When unrestricted, such as when wearing briefs and boxer shorts, some men like their penis to point directly up, others like it pointing either to the left or the right, while still others bend it forward so it points down. The same thought must go into choosing the right jock strap. Men generally have a preferred "natural" direction of penis pointing, especially when erect.

A recent poll conducted on this topic found that having the penis point down in the jock pouch is normal and considered the most comfortable position when wearing a jock strap with or without a cup. However, it must be stated that many men complain that having the penis pointing down inside a tight jock pouch can cause discomfort when the penis is in an erect or partially aroused state, especially inside a hard protective cup. To avoid this possible discomfort, especially in sports where one may get noticeably excited (such as wrestling), many men prefer to go "commando" and not wear any under support at all. But, perhaps they should - especially if his mother (or a photographer) is a spectator.

Having the penis pointing to the side has drawbacks as well as one's manhood may be forced to point sideways out the edge of the jock if the penis becomes erect. At this point any blunt force applied to their groin area may cause severe and possible permanent damage to the penis shaft. If one chooses this positioning a padded hard cup or a styrofoam cup may be the device of choice. Four out of five sports doctors recommend that the best position for easily excitable males would be to have the penis point upwards when wearing a jock strap. However, every man will have to decide for himself the preferred arrangement of his "goods" within his supporter.

Generally though, much of the time the penis ends up moving and pointing to one side or the other in the jock strap throughout the wearing period. This is normal. However, if the pouch is too big it will require constant adjusting by hand. For many wearers of supporters this will be necessary while in public on the field or in the gym. It is acceptable in our society for minor necessary readjustments to be made periodically as long as one is discrete and limits his "fiddle time".

Jock straps can last for many years if properly taken care of. One must remember to wash his jock strap after a few wearings in case of the possible "close-up" inspection of fellow athletes. But be sure not to wash it too often as the rubber in the waistband and the leg straps and pouch begins to break down and offer less support. Older men appear to prone to such a condition as often eveidenced in the locker room. Jocks are inexpensive and should be replaced every few years or as needed.

As a final point of interest along this line of thinking, there is an underground after-market for used jock straps. Many men prefer the previously-owned look, feel, and smell of these garments. You may want to consider checking some of these venue out and buying or selling a treasure from the past that is personal and may be useful at the same time.